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Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 KTM Duke R issues. Prev of 2 2 Next. Captain Greg Original Poster 92 posts 60 months. I have a new KTM Duke R is it possible to get software to reset or make adjustments to the thing? I recently unplugged the gear position sensor after reading on KTM forums you can cut two wires that will allow it to deliver full power in first and second gear.

I only bought it because i like the wheelie thing and bieng used to bigger bikes one gets spoilt with pulling the front wheel up without abusing a clutch Now its dead it will start with stand up and clutch in the dealer had to reset the thing and I could not tell them I was the cause of the fault, it has Km on it now.

So having software and a USB cable will help with instructions also can I pull that big box silencer thing assuming its a CAT and make a straight through pipe? Pegscratch posts 60 months. Maybe ask on the KTM Forum where you mis read about all of this?

ktm 690 throttle reset

Especially as it's 2nd and 3rd, not 1st and 2nd, last time I checked. Not sure that looking for power is daft, but thanks for the compliment, I modded my Aston Martin the day it came off the boat I suppose to old farts with bow ties that too was daft I never looked back So now that we have the reasons out the way any advise from a technical side?

By all means disable it, but when you work out how then please document it for those with the updated LC4 engine so that we can follow in your footsteps.

The sensible advice in the post above was to indeed ask on the forums you've read this on! Renn Sport 2, posts months. I think messing with you bike is perfectly normal and understandable. I have a older 07 SM and I like to wheelie it.

In this instance I think you need to trawl the KTM forums for the help and expirience. Or go to the dealer and say you saw this wire hanging free and you plugged it back in? Not very cunning but they will undertsand where possible fault could have come from.

Or try the good old fashioned, disconnect the battery. Leave it for a day and see if it resets???? Sorry trying to be helpful. Silvertt 9, posts months. It is, I'm just puzzled why someone would take a mod that's only ever been attached to MY bikes and tried to do it to a MY bike. Hooli 32, posts months. Running a KTM in on a noisy pipe invalidates the warranty, as does looking at it in a suggestive manner. It's just the lack of relevance of the mod to the bike that makes no sense to me.

ktm 690 throttle reset

It's like taking a Thundercat and trying to do a FZR specific modification to it.Enduro till SMC. Display - laga, fixa. Ventilkoll och Justering. SMC till Enduro. Tjuvstopp etc. While there are differences between individual bikes and their owners Some bikes suffer more from stalling and throttle glitches than others.

Most don't at all or only occassionally. But these niggles are usually easy to solve! This means a relatively high state of tune, big valves, big ports, big throttle body, high compression, low rotating mass etc.

The graph below is from the German bike mag 'Motorrad' and shows just how strong the is compared to its 'rivals'. There is no comparison with any other single. But the also has to meet the ever tougher regulations for emissions and noise. Especially not with a big single.

They do not help the engine But we all want that performance so stop moaning and deal with it properly. Throttle calibration The simplest one. Turn the ignition on but don't start. Wait for the tacho needle to return to zero.

Then turn the throttle grip gradually from close to open and back from open to closed. Don't let it snap shut. Turn the ignition off, done. Idle reset procedure The 'famous' 15 minute idle reset procedure. This resets the adaptive base values of the ECU. It won't transform the bike but it can make a worthwhile improvement.

One or two hours after riding is not enough! Do this after the bike has been off for a full night or day. Start the engine and let it idle for 15 minutes without touching anything.

KTM 690 idle problem

After 15 minutes, switch the engine off with the ignition key. During this procedure you won't see or hear anything happening besides the idling and probably the fan. Don't worry, the reset is done. Besides after certain maintenance or parts replacement, you could consider doing it twice a year with the turning of the seasons. But an important one. It requires a KTM diagnostics tool hooked up to the bike.

There are two throttle sensors on the throttle body where the carb used to be On the left hand side is the sensor controlled by the ECU. This one is used when the ECU takes over the control of the throttle valve from the rider ride by wire with data from the throttle map.Quick links.

Anything technical that is not a teething problem. One starts the bike and lets it idle for 15 min without touching the throttle. One then turns the bike off. You are done. It seems to make the bike run smoother. So here are my questions: How does the 15 minute reset "retune" the engine?

Does it just adjust the idle speed or does it adjust the fuel mixture? Does it use the O2 sensors for feedback and does turning off the O2 sensors interfere with the 15 min reset? If the SAS is off or blocked it would effect the O2 sensor reading. So if one turns off the SAS the O2 sensor reads 02 is low and leans the fuel mixture in an attempt to fix the problem.

The result is a very lean condition causing popping. So now say you turn off both the O2 sensor and SAS. The 15 min reset cannot work and you are stuck with the map no feedback to fine tune the fuel mixture. Anyone really know the answers? Thanks so much. PowerCommander and 2 channel AutoTune. It can adapt the idle speed through the warm up faze, it can check all inputs, O2 sensors, pressure sensors, Temp senders against predetermined spec's.

I would love to know the full 15 min story, all I can say is it does seem to make a difference to my ride. This usually occurs when the engine is warm and running at either idle or cruise speeds. The ECU is making adjustments to the fueling and receiving feedback from the 02 sensor on how to make adjustments leaner or richer. It is using the other sensors like temperature and air pressure to determine how much fuel to inject.

At least that is what I suspect. It does seem to make the bike idle quite nicely. Too bad KTM doesn't chime in on the forum for us. I think Davexx's explanation is most likely correct. Would be nice to know the official story.Quick links.

ktm 690 throttle reset

Squeaky back brake? Driving in this way it's very difficul. The motorcycle is accelerated. It seems like I'm speeding up without touching the throttle. How did u solved it? Any Idea?

KTM Super Twins Forum

Tnx alot I apologize for my bad English. Re: 3k rpm without throttle. Do you have a Tune ECU cable to check for fault codes?

I will buy a tune eco cable very soon! Have your dealer come pick it up and find the problem. It's not safe. I'd hate to hear that you were hurt, and the bike damaged because of an accident caused by this. If not, what modifications have you done? If it's stock, I'd check my throttle connections and cable routing to make sure nothing is binding up. I would check all my electrical connections, and oxygen sensor links. Just please please please dont ride it until it's safe.

In your KTM shop, must to do it. After working out what was going on I found the sticking throttle higher rpm with the throttle closed only happened after I took the free play out of the throttle cables on my SMR.

What I found on my bike is the idle stepper motor did not adjust it's self back to the preset rest idle position which should be around TPS 0.

The funny thing it did not effected the ilding much when stopped, but as soon as you rode the bike it will rev high with the twist grip closed. I found this out the hard way when I bought my bike, 1st time I've ever needed any diagnostic type device to adjust a throttle cable free play but there you golive and learn as they say. It is mentioned in the owners manual page However, it did give me the desire to learn to use tuneecu where as Kevxtx has pointed out there is a program there that allows you to make such adjustments yourself.

In fact read all of the modification topics that Kevxtx has done and you too will be hooked. A little info about the bike first: wings slip ons cpr rottwiler air filter second flies removed o2 sensors turned off with tune ecu Whats happening is that the bike is going crazy with idle.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Help - KTM SM 690 problems! [solved]

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Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. JakeponkkuJun 8, Joined: Jun 8, Oddometer: 16 Location: Baja. First sorry my english. My bike stalling after startup without FI light.

Only 5 second it run ok and then shutdown. What to do, any advice? What happend after 5 sec on engine? Joined: Nov 9, Oddometer: 2. ADV Sponsors. Joined: Aug 26, Oddometer: Boismj03Jun 8, Joined: May 5, Oddometer: Location: Udaho. JakeponkkuJun 9, It's the roll-over sensor. Unplug it to verify, then go buy a new one not something you bypass on a fuel injected bike.

JakeponkkuJun 11, Rollover sensor is cleaned also. We need still some tips to solve this madness. MeinMotorradJun 11, You may find it's hidden in the hose if not immediately visible - my'12 didn't have one fitted so not all bike have them. It's a known problem worth taking care of.

JakeponkkuJun 12, JakeponkkuJun 25, That workshop company made bankruptcy and my bike is now at home. I made voltageregulator measurements and it works fine, no voltage peaks. I'm quite desperate now. MeinMotorradJun 25, How was your fuel economy before the trouble started? Have you checked the coil? See if you can borrow one from another bike to test. Hook the bike up to TuneECU and see if there are any fault codes.Resolve popping, hard starting, stumbling and flameouts while improving throttle response, by fine tuning your TPS Sensor.

Free Shipping Worldwide! The Pigtail works on both throttle bodies as-is, only the Pro Powered tool requires this extra adapter. Model 1. Model 2. Model 3. Model 4. Q: Can I talk to other customers to ask about their experiences with this tool? A: Yes please do! Click here to join the discussion on the ThumperTalk.

Q: Why is adjusting my TPS necessary? A: To improve performance! Smoother running, reduce or eliminate flame outs, easier starting and better throttle response. Q: Why does this work? A: This works for 2 reasons. First, due to manufacturing tolerances, all throttle bodies are not absolutely identical. Some let through slightly more air than others, and adjusting the TPS voltage allows you to find the value that gives you the best result for your specific throttle body.

Second, some models such as the KTM EXC models come with excessively lean fuel maps that can lead to misfiring, stumbling and flame outs at small throttle openings. Raising the TPS voltage slightly increases fueling resulting in reduced flame outs and a significant improvement in smoothness and performance, especially at small throttle openings. Q: Is this really as simple as it sounds? A: Yes, TPS adjustments are very simple!

Simply increase the voltage. If it's better, increase another. Continue as long as you see improvement. If you do not see an improvement, go back.